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Milestone Meetings offers two complimentary services to our valued clients.  Our site selection service and contract negotiations save our clients time and money so they can focus on enhancing the overall scope of their meeting. 




Still Looking?

Let us know how we can help!

Since every meeting has a unique footprint, our list of qualifying questions allows us to target strategic properties that will fit our clients needs.  Once we determine these key factors, we utilize our database of hotel partners to locate a variety of well balanced properties.  Based on the timeline, we will deliver all proposals in a comparison template to help streamline the  review process.  Our clients then select a shortlist of ideal properties and we get to work with arranging hotel site inspections. Finally, our clients will experience the hotel accommodations, service staff, and amenities firsthand before they settle on the host hotel. 

Found a Location?

Now, lets save you some money!

Once we locate the ideal property,  we will then work on obtaining an aggressive hotel package. Our expectation is to deliver a preliminary hotel contract which includes reduced group rates, robust concession packages, and fair contract terms. We also utilize a variety of industry approved clauses that broaden our clients protection by reducing their exposure to liability.   Our hotel partners work with us on reducing attrition rates, revising standard cancellation scales, and applying both rebook and resale terms to our contracts.  Once our preliminary contract has been created, we pass this on to our clients for final review and execution. 

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How can you afford to offer these two services free of cost? 

That's a great question! Our services work much like any other brokerage or agency that you are familiar with.   At the conclusion of your meeting, Milestone Meetings will receive a placement fee from the hotel for assisting them with booking your program.    Our services not only deliver you an aggressive rate and robust concession package, they also give many hotels the opportunity to secure a valuable piece of business in which they appreciate. 


How do I qualify for complimentary services? 

Simple.  Milestone Meetings will offer both of it's complimentary services for any client who is planning a meeting that requires a minimum of 10 guest rooms per night.  Unlike other agencies, Milestone Meetings will also assist with contract negotiations even if we were not involved with the site selection process.  Remember, we are here to help!

How do we get started with utilizing your complimentary services?

Our goal is to make site selection and contract negotiations seamless.   The only step you are required to do is to reach out. We will handle everything else so you can focus on other tasks at hand.  Let's connect today and find you a Milestone!

How many hotels will you research with your complimentary service? 

Countless.....our goal is to shop hotels until we find something that makes sense for you and your meeting.  Our immense database of hotels and industry partners gives us a vast reach which helps generate a variety of options for our clients.  We will make suggestions based on our professional experience to help target properties that make more sense and will offer more value.

How are your complimentary services compared to others in the industry? 

Just as our competitors, Milestone Meetings stands behind it's complimentary services 110%.  Unlike most of our direct competitors, Milestone Meetings is a full service agency that offers a variety of Elite Services. Our business model allows us to utilize a portion of our placement fees to help reduce the cost of our Elite Services if requested.  Beyond our cost savings model, we have found that many of the today's meeting brokers have never worked in a hotel and if so, its been decades.  By knowing the updated trends and the current hotel cost margins, we leverage our modern day experience for our clients to help deliver a milestone of a meeting while protecting their bottom line.

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