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Why settle for an inch,

when we can get you a 



When building a house, over 95% of people will utilize a reputable contractor to streamline the intricate process.  The first step starts with a simple conversation that will define the details of the project. From there, they locate a building location, negotiate supplier contracts, and break ground.  The contractor's network of resources are key to ensuring that all expectations are met and the final product is built to last.  Here at Milestone Meetings, we do not build houses but we do build impressive meetings.  By utilizing a similar process, we have created a streamline process to build your next meeting.

Whether you are designing your first meeting or a seasoned planner looking for a helping hand, Milestone Meetings is here to assist.  Our clients collaborate directly with our team to ensure they receive exceptional services and impeccable accommodations at an affordable price.  During the preliminary stages of constructing a meeting, our clients utilize our Complimentary Services which are 100% free of charge.  Both site selection and contract negotiations are key elements in setting a solid foundation for a successful meeting. Milestone Meetings leverages their hotel sales experience and industry relationships to save our clients time and money.

Once the foundation is set, Milestone Meetings offers a full line of Elite Services that can build your meeting from scratch.  Our elite meeting planning team can help enhance any segment of your meeting which in return, delivers an exquisite meeting that will surely leave a lasting impression.  Our low overhead and strong affiliation with our event industry partners, help to ensure you receive reputable services for a fraction of the cost.




Commonly utilized in the real estate market, this    phrase is a determining factor in your preliminary 

stages of planning.  We can show you how    

We can help you. 



Benjamin Franklin was not a meeting planner but his quote certainly resonates within our broad spectrum of costing saving meeting services.

           Start saving today.          


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